Latino Treatment Center | Alcohol Treatment for Hispanics in Spanish


​Support Latino Treatment Center

Given the current Illnois State budget issue, a press conference by the Illinois Latino Caucus was held on 4-21-2016 to discuss Substance Abuse Treatment Funding for Latino Treatment Center.


A Fundraising site has been established to help support those individuals such as the underserved Latino community to use the services and care provided by Latino Treatment Center.


Alcohol and Addiction Treatment in Spanish

Latino Treatment Center is a nonprofit institution providing evaluations and treatment in Spanish to those experiencing problems with the use of alcohol or substance abuse.  Based in Elgin with offices in Chicago and West Chicago, our professional staff specializes in providing outpatient treatment for substance abuse, treatment for family / codependent, individual and group counseling and adolescent treatment.

Latino Treatment Center is fully bilingual and bicultural to better counsel, evaluate and treat those in the Hispanic community by conducting evaluations for alcohol and drugs in either Spanish or English.  Individual therapy, group sessions and materials are conducted and written in Spanish. 

To speak with an experienced member of our staff, simply call us at 847-695-9155.​